Q: How can you tell if the temperature has gone below 0?
A: What was once a puddle on the road is now cracked.

Q: Why do dogs and cats have all that fur?
A: Because 90% of all domestic canine and feline species (and one wolf) live on my street. It can get cold on my street.

Q: Why is it easy to pick up in the Nordic countries?
A: Because it's too bloody cold to sleep on your own.

It snowed last night. There's a nice layer of snow over everything, but sadly it's gone above zero today, so it's all turning to mud and slush.

Much of my time here so far has been used up getting to know Paitu the camouflaged cat, getting fed various descriptions of pickles, and finding excuses to not go outside, like sending emails.

Yep. Not much happening. I guess that makes this is a holiday.

Last night we ventured into the old town for the first time since my return for dinner and a beer. What was a busy place full of happy locals and drunk English tourists in the summer is now empty except for a few sullen faces.

It's nearly 3pm and the sun is getting low in the sky. It's currently 1 degree C, and sundown is at 15:30. I have to find some fitness before the tournament next weekend and want to go for a run, so it's out the door for me.