It's a little belated, but happy New Year to all of you on this planet. Hopefully it supplied for you all the things it's supposed to, like champaigne and kisses.

The run down on my trip to Barcelona.

New Years Eve itself started off incredibly well. We walked around Barcelona drinking until midnight chatting to random Italian ladies about their red underwear. Then after midnight we met up with the Walloon again at a bar packed full of Australian, American, Belgian, English etc. tourists, and no locals. It was like one big happy family. Then I left that bar and walked the streets again in the company of a couple of American girls. They liked me because I discouraged dodgy Spaniards from groping them, and I liked them because I could try to sell them to almost as dodgy Italian men.

All was going well until about 5 hours into the new year, when my wallet was flogged. I pursued the evil pickpocket, but gave up when I saw it handed over (possibly) and realised they were taking me into a scary area of town. To add injury to insult I was tackled at some point during the chase and did a little damage to my knee. So I limped home walletless, alone, and quite bitter.

I was very happy to get back to Estonia, which now feels very much like home. Money is only a temporary minor issue, but the biggest buggers are losing the contact details of some cool people I'd met in my travels, and my drivers licence. We were planning to drive to the world cross country skiing championships, but now have to miss the first day because we have to take a bus.

The worst part is that it was a bad ending to a very good night.

My photos from the trip can be found here.