I was skiing alone through the quiet empty forest on Saturday arvo when I came across a young man walking the other way. He wanted to ask me something, but not in English. "I'm sorry I can't speak now, as I'm too drunk" said he.

Over the past three months I've been gradually going insane because of the lack of activities, but things are changing. The days are rapidly lengthening, there has been a heavy fall of snow, and the daytime temperatures hover around 0. It's very pleasant skiing weather.

After a much more active week than I've been used to, with more skiing, frisbee and some yoga, I'm feeling very sore all over. I was starting to feel like a vegetable though, so pain is good.

"Twelve months" in estonian is "kaksteist kuud", pronounced like "koks taste kord".

In other juvenile linguistic humour news, Estonia's only tournament Kiek in de Kök is in a couple of weeks. Very exciting. After that it's Paganello in Italy which is a most exciting prospect indeed.