I've been in Estonia now for about two weeks, and I'm quite well settled in. I live in a flat with Millerine above her parents place. It's in a village called Viimsi just on the edge of the capital Tallinn.

Things have been pretty lazy during my days here, but that's about to change as I just accepted a 9 - 5 job. Last week most of my evenings were spent at frisbee training or at the local film festival. This week it looks like I'll be spending time in one of my favourite cities, Helsinki. My days have been spent site seeing and looking about the Old Town. Tallinn is a beautiful place, and simply exploring the mediaeval town, with it's bars, museums and castle and old buildings, is quite enjoyable. There's also drinking höögvein (mulled wine) in the snow at the town square. The simple things in life...

One thing I can't do every night is have a big one out in Tallinn. It's a lot of fun, but the main problem is that enough places are open 24 hours for the festivities to go on a little too long.

Right at the moment I'm waiting for dinner to be cooked and having an afternoon beer (from a 1 litre plastic bottle - classy). It really is a hard life.

The weekend gone I was at a frisbee tournament in Vaasa, Finland. The trip there took over 10 hours, but it was well worth it. It was played in a large indoor oval layed with "artificial grass" - basically astroturf with little rubber bits sprinkled on. Our Tallinn open team came middle of the field, and the girls a gallant not-quite-last.

The party started at the school accommodation. Since I couldn't partake in most of the conversation I had to be content with vodka consumption. After that we headed to the main party to enjoy the company of cheap beers and lots of drunken dancing Finns.

Cheap beer and drunken Finns are both in my list of ingredients for the perfect party. I don't say that around Estonians though. Finn's are only to be scoffed at and payed out for being fat. Unless you know them of course, in which case they're generally OK. In any case it seems Finns are preferred over Russians. 50 years of occupation by a bunch of boring architects will do that.