I've been busy. Being busy is good. It makes you poor, but is otherwise fantastic.

Millerine and I went away to Rimini in Italy for the biggest beach tournament in the world - Paganello. It was unbelievably good. Playing proper outdoors frisbee again, and some nice big frisbee parties. I ran into a lot of old friends and acquaintances. Some Europeans and English I'd met in past travels, and about 15 Australians - the first I'd seen in over 4 months.

We managed to do the whole trip fairly cheaply. I managed to get a carton of beer into my pack to reduce drinking expenses, and we slept on the street overnight on the way there. I'm getting used to being a poor Estonian.
My photos of Paganello
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Last week I had my first Australian visitor, Jane. She was just in time to spend Anzac day with me. With her came warm weather. Real warm weather which you can sit in the park and drink beer. For the first time since I've owned a winter coat, I went outside without it. Awesome.

She'd been going on about all the vodka she'd had all the way through Russia, but it was the great bar Levist Väljas which finally defeated her.

Sadly Jane and I caught a 10am bus to Riga the day after. 6 hours of hangover fun and games. Riga is a very nice city. Obviously bigger, more cosmopolitan and more touristy than Tallinn, and also a warmer climate. On the minus side it's more expensive, not as nice an old town, and no Levist Väljas. I've found with any new city you need to have locals show you around to make the most of it. I had a couple of locals show me some good places the first night, but forgot where they were so couldn't return the next night, and had to stick to English infested tourist bars.
My photos of Riga

So now that spring has finally come a strange form of happiness is here with it. I've had my first bbq, my first frisbee on grass, and soon there will be leaves on the trees.