Veerpalu Olümpiakullaga

A couple of weeks ago I finished my contract and didn't renew it, so have since been unemployed. It's been the busiest time I've had since I've been here.

  • I've been to a couple of concerts. The Depeche Mode concert was the biggest indoor concert I've seen, but not to my taste. The David Gilmour concert in Frankfurt was absolutely fantastic. Definitely to my taste. Slept in Frankfurt airport yet again.
  • It's spring now. It's still below 0 at night and there's still snow, but it gets up to about +5 in the daytime. It's hard to explain, but on a calm sunny day this really does feel very warm. The sea is completely covered in snow, and is very beautiful. I got some photos of the sea and the geese and swans playing in a pond in the ice.
  • Last Wednesday it was one of those nice days and I went for a 10km run into town. There I went for a beer and some food to celebrate my newfound fitness. Bad idea. A mixture of dehydration, a few beers, and some borrowed Swedish trend-wear, and I didn't make it home until morning. What I recall was a great night. What I don't recall was falling over and hurting my wrist. I didn't break it, but I certainly couldn't throw a frisbee properly, and the Estonian tournament Kick.n de Kok was on two days after. I'm one of the two main handlers, so that sucked. I still played, I was just crap.
  • I'm famous! At the tournament the girls team asked me to help them out as sideline coach. They did very well and came third, which is fantastic considering last year they rarely won a game. They were absolutely stoked. I was quoted in the paper as saying "Tüdrukud jooksid kiiresti nii kaitses kui ka ründes. Seekord oli väga tubli mäng." I don't know what that means, but I guess it's something like "They have nice legs and I like them a lot."
  • I bought a bike today. Rode home through the water, snow, and muddy slush, which was fun. Riding in snow is an art, just as is running on ice. I got wet though, and 5 degrees is very cold when you are wet.
  • Lennart Meri, Estonia's only ex-president, i.e. the first one, died last week. It was a really big deal here, as he was very highly respected. They even had a minutes silence in his honour at the awards ceremony for the tournament.
  • In my spare time I've been playing poker and doing OK. Not a noble profession, and I doubt you would call taking other people's money by outsmarting them morally righteous, but it's my only income at the moment, so I'll stick to it.