Frisbee Tournaments

4. Border Classic

Date: 08/03/2003 - 09/03/2003
Location: Albury, Australia
Team name: Dregs B
Finishing postion:

Albury was the best of the Nationals lead up tournaments. I drove down with Ash and Geoff Mattes, and we camped in a scout hall near the fields with a group of Ash's Vic mates. Camping very close to the fields made for a superb social environment. The party was fantastic, especially as it seemed to start directly after the end of the games, and by the time we'd walked to the venue we were all in very good spirits. It's just a shame I lost Glen's Lemongrad. It ended up winning party of the year, so it wasn't just me. This tournament also saw the birth of the Dregs mascot Dregzilla.

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