Travel Notes

I enjoy a spot of the old traveling every now and then. These are some letters or logs from my various adventures.

Europe 2005/2006

Veerpalu Olümpiakullaga28/03/2006
Life begins in March06/03/2006
Glive music06/02/2006
Independence Day07/02/2006
A night out in Tallinn16/01/2006
So, this is Christmas28/12/2005
Settling in12/12/2005
An Estonian FAQ1/12/2005
Ich bin ein Berliner30/11/2005

North America August 2005

San Francisco highs12/08/2005

Europe June/July 2005

How to miss a midday flight in 6 easy steps
Yngwie Who?

Barbados November 2004

Danger! Steps out of order.

Finland August 2004

Haluon aja perelion
Suomi! Suomi! Suomi!

England September 2003

Hangin' on the westsaeeed
A highland cow bit my sister
Wally goes Walkabout
The Health of the Motherland
English cycle routes
England, with bells on