Frisbee Tournaments

12. Halibut

Date: //2003
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Team name: Eric
Finishing postion: 5-8/13

The name Eric came from the particularly flat Halibut who stars in Monty Python's Fish Licence sketch (which gave us Eric the Half a Bee). Mark Briedis' shirt design was inspired, and remains a favourite of mine. The tournament was fun, and I think we gelled pretty well as a team. The party was fairly subdued, although we managed to make it somewhat enjoyable. We were entertained by a video of Nationals 2003 (complete with the Manly Muffler strip-tease). The walk back to our place of residence with Gill and a very drunken Onno was an epic event, and stories the next day seemed to revolve around Onno and a stray kitten.

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