Frisbee Tournaments

13. Joint Sitting

Date: 30/08/2003 - 31/08/2003
Location: Canberra, Australia
Team name: Truly Scrumptious
Finishing postion: 3rd (?)

This was a Mixed Nats lead up tournament which I picked up with Scrumpy for. It started at about 4pm Saturday afternoon on a freezing cold and very windy Canberra day. The sideline had to huddle in a blanket for warmth, and cold hands led to a lot of handling errors. A few sips of port on the sideline were very welcome. It was the coldest, windiest, most miserable weather I have ever played in. The party, however, was brilliant, and Dom and I closed it down with our billet and a few other Canberrans at about 5am. I'm quite convinced Canberra is party central. We were on the line in the morning an hour late, which was luckily just in time for the first point. Our dazed condition must have helped a little, as Dom and I connected to score the first point. The team played excellent zone throughout the day, and we recorded a fine win over Hammered who ended up winning the tournament.

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