Frisbee Tournaments

14. Glastonbury

Date: 20/09/2003 - 21/09/2003
Location: Glastonbury, England, England
Team name: Strange Blue (Cambridge)
Finishing postion: 6th of 32

Jo and I played a practice game with Strange Blue when we were in Cambridge and they invited us to the tournament. We travelled the ten hours from Edinburgh to Glastonbury in a hired Smart car, an adventure in itself. It's a fun tournament, which seems to be mostly a big party. Everyone camps at the fields, which with 32 teams of people makes for a huge tent city. We stayed in a crazy six person tent with some team mates. We had the tent pitched by about 1am and got to bed at a reasonable reasonable hour, but drunken shenanigans were going on outside until about 4am - the night before the tournament! The tournament was pretty breezy, with three or four half hour games a day, and two byes in between each game. Jo and I had to pickup with other teams to get more of a run. On the second day we had time between games to do some sightseeing and climb "The Tor".

It didn't look like we had a strong team on the surface, but our handlers were strong enough to keep the disc under pressure, and they were all quite fast with competent throws. Most of the teams played (funnily enough) pommy zone, but not very tightly, so it was pretty much popping heaven.

The party was great as well. Hanging around with the Cambridge lads made it feel like I was back at uni and some fantastic drinking games were enjoyed.

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