Frisbee Tournaments

15. Tassie Two-Hat V

Date: //2003
Location: Hobart, Australia
Team name: Freshly Picked (green)
Finishing postion: 2nd of 4

The Tassie Two-Hat was a great little one day tournament. Four teams makes for an entertaining draw. We lost to yellow in the round robin, but beat them in the quarters to get through to the final. We lost to the much stronger red team by one point. We were playing with generally less experienced players, and there was quite a lot of running to be done. There were only about 15 or so people at the party, but they were all lively so it made for a good time. It was also a good way to meet some Tasmanian players, who we don't see at tournaments too often.

I visited Joe Zagari on the Sunday, who was in Hobart for the lead up to his Antarctic adventure.

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