Frisbee Tournaments

19. Border Classic

Date: 21/02/2004 - 22/02/2004
Location: Albury, Australia
Team name: Southside B
Finishing postion: Equal last with two other teams

I drove to Albury in the 505 with Ash, Iain Piggott, Fergie and Jess Dempsey. The weekend started off in pretty exciting fashion when we were stopped at a drug testing blockade (like an RBT but with lots of dogs). The dog picked up something on the car, so we had to sit around for half an hour while they got us to empty our pockets. The dogs sniffed us, our bags and inside the car. They picked up on something on someone's pants but couldn't find anything (it was in their shoe) so they let us go. It was a close call for one of us.

Albury wasn't a touch as good as the previous year. It didn't seem as well organised, and I missed out on breakfast the first day. The fields were rock hard (which is no fault of the organisers) and it was hot and dry. The party was at an RSL and not suitable for dancing, but we went on to the Globe nightclub and made an OK night of it. The highlight of the party night was probably the spa back at the motel before we went out.

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