Frisbee Tournaments

22. Terrigal Towel IX

Date: 13/03/2004 - 14/03/2004
Location: Terrigal Beach, Australia
Team name: Blue Velvet (Dark Blue)
Finishing postion: 9?/14 (won the plate)

Again this was an excellent tournament. I went up Friday night and had a relaxed Saturday morning with a bit of a swim. My team was good to play with. We never bothered calling lines, but we kept the disc moving and played pretty good ultimate. We were knocked into the bottom pool in an exciting finish. We were one down needing a draw, and I got a hand block on the opposition's endzone just as the buzzer went. Ken put the last throw perfectly into the endzone, where Nick dropped it. I didn't mind too much, as it's much better winning the plate than being a low team in the top pool.

The party was a nice walk down the beach away. It seemed to go on into the wee hours, even though we finished up before midnight. The party didn't kick on back at the beach, but we went for a bit of a swim before bed.

In all, a lot of fun ultimate was played, drinks were drunk and swims were swum, and I was very exhausted by the time I got home.

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