Frisbee Tournaments

26. The Gladstone Crusade II

Date: 12/06/2004 - 13/06/2004
Location: Gladstone, Australia
Team name: Slippery Nipples (pink)
Finishing postion: 1/6

This small hat tournament in Central Queensland rated very highly for me. The team draw was excellent, with five of the six teams being closely matched. It started at about 2pm on the Saturday and we only had two games the first day, but I was getting over the flu and I found those games pretty hard. My team won both though. There was a Queensland City Vs Country demo game that evening, and I played for Country. We were beaten soundly, but I'd started to find some energy and was playing well. My parents had driven out to see me, so they got to see me playing some quality ultimate.

There were three more pool games on Sunday, of which we won all, but they were close. Two came within one point, with the last, which we needed to win to get into the final, being a draw at full time and decided by a golden point. The golden point was a disc flip to see who started on offense, then whoever scored won the game.

The final was superb. We were down 8-4 at half, and went even further down to 9-4 before starting a brilliant comeback. We didn't concede another goal, and fought our way back to 9 all at full time. The opposition won the disc flip and started the last point on offense, but we got the turnover and won the game 10-9.

We had a few great cheers, including a Les Mis cheer (which I enjoyed). Our pep-cheer was also pretty good. It started off being "I like slippery nipples", but we added to it throughout the tourney until in the end it was "I like perky, strawberry, champaigne, meaty, tasty, pierced, milky, chocolate, dirty, hot, slippery nipples." Pulling that one off was an effort, but we did it with style.

The spirit prize was decided at the party by which team could suck a frisbee full of beer dry through straws. Our team won this as well. We also won the party. Basically we rocked. The party was great. It's possible that nothing special happened, but I'm not sure because my eyes were elsewhere for most of it. I certainly had fun.

I went straight from the party to the airport, and got back to Sydney very weary indeed.

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