Frisbee Tournaments

28. Wyntre Roots

Date: 18/09/2004 - 19/09/2004
Location: Mackey Park, South Marrickville, Australia
Team name: The Pirates
Finishing postion: 2/11

We formed the Pirates for Mixed Nats, and this was our first chance to play together as a team. We were basically a Southside B team, and most of us had played together either in Southside or in my NSL div 1 team. Hugh and Sealesy were kind enough to pick up with us for the tournament, and Sam Stewart (Zoe's husband) played with us on the Saturday. This worked out as I was only playing half of Saturday as I had a wedding to go to, and was recovering from the flue so couldn't play much on Saturday morning anyway.

The first day there were four games (of which I played two). We won two, lost two. I didn't think the team was playing particularly well in the games I saw, even though we won one of them convincingly. We were thrashed in the game against Canberra - something like 14 - 6.

I didn't get to the party because of Joe Lipson's wedding.

The second day the team pulled it together and played a much better offence. We were worried about Wollongong because they had taken it to Southside (an uber-team) and lost by one point at time cap. However we played them in our first game, and although it was a great game we won fairly convincingly by 3 or 4 points. Then we played our semi-final against Canberra. We were playing quite well at this stage with far fewer turnovers, and we won by a couple of points to make it to the final.

For the final we were hoping for nothing more than to play well, give the crowd an entertaining game, and end up with a dignifying scoreline, which we did. We lost 17 - 9, but I was very happy with the way the team played and with my own effort.

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