Frisbee Tournaments

32. Barbados Hat 2004

Date: 23/11/2004 - 25/11/2004
Location: St Lawrence Gap, Barbados
Team name:
Finishing postion:

There is no frisbee scene in Barbados, and this tournament was organised by an English couple. There were about 25 people turning up from mostly from the US and England. Because of the small number of people it ended up more like three days of well organised pickup, but was still very good.

The first day was rained out due to all the flooding, so we broke up into three teams and played on the beach. The second and third days we had two teams (which we switched up between days). Both days the playing was hot and hard, and the teams were very well matched. The only complaint I had was losing the last game of the last day by one point.

During the week I was there I partied pretty hard and enjoyed myself immensely.

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