Frisbee Tournaments

36. Border Classic

Date: 12/02/2005 - 13/02/2005
Location: Albury, Australia
Team name: Fakulti
Finishing postion: 2/4 (no final)

The border classic nearly died this year, with no Southside team, no Manly team, and only 4 mens teams in total. It was, however, a vast improvement on the previous year in terms of organisation. The fields were pretty good, the food was good and the party rocked. I picked up with Fakulti for the first time ever, and enjoyed playing with them.

We played a round robin the first day, and beat both Chilli teams but lost to a very strong Deathstar side. The second day we mixed up Deathstar and Fakulti teams to play against a Chilli side again, which my team won. The final was a mammoth 2 hour game between all of Chilli and all of Fakulti/Deathstar. It was a tight game with a couple of changes of lead, but we won by two points.

The worst part of the tournament was getting heat exhaustion on the Saturday. I was spewing up after the last game, but before we got back to the caravan park. I had some ice and slept a bit at the party and was eventually able to eat some dinner and have a few beers. We weren't allowed into the Globe because boat races had been happening at the party (?), so we kicked on to a different joint where the dance floor happened. I was spent early because of the heat exhaustion, but it was still a great party.

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