Frisbee Tournaments

38. Terrigal Towel X

Date: 05/03/2005 - 06/03/2005
Location: Terrigal Beach, Australia
Team name: Reflex
Finishing postion: Tie for 7/12

A much fun towel. We played quite fairly well and all had heaps of fun. Alison was a girl who saw the game being played on the Saturday and joined the tournament on Sunday. Gavin didn't turn up on the Sunday. My knee had been injured that Wednesday and I was originally planning on not playing, but I couldn't help myself. It was strapped up and handled it fairly well, and I was able to run well in the last game of the first day.

Our playoff for 7th was a very enjoyable game of silliness, with lots of spectacular gratuitous layouts, upside down points, and nobody taking any notice of the score whatsoever.

The party wasn't too much, with a bbq then some drinking games (byo drinks was a bonus), but Glenn and I went out afterwards. We were very pissed and jumped a fence to get into a club in Terrigal but got busted, then went into Gosford for a while. Much fun.

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