Frisbee Tournaments

40. Sydney NL3/2L3

Date: 02/04/2005 - 03/04/2005
Location: St Mary's, Australia
Team name: Southside B
Finishing postion: 1/4

This was the first time NL (National League) and 2L (second division) had been run alongside each other, and the women also had two divisions. It was the first time of the season with everyone together. Sadly the party at Penrith Panthers didn't go off. There was nowhere to dance, and not much to keep people interested in staying. The rest of the tournament went very well though. It's the first time I've really enjoyed a tournament that didn't have a great party. There were only 4 teams in our comp, so the draw was a double round robin and final. We beat both Manly and Fakulti fairly soundly, but were beaten by Chilly twice. We came back in the final to beat Chilly 12-6.

Southside A lost a close final against Chilly after a fantastic comeback, meaning Chilly won the NL for 2005.

I slept in my car in St Mary's Saturday night, allowing me to sleep in Sunday and saving me a couple of hours travel time. A very good idea.

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