Frisbee Tournaments

46. The Hills Hoist

Date: 28/08/2005
Location: Castle Hill, Australia
Team name: Brigitta
Finishing postion: 2/8

A nice day at Castle Hill marred only by injury. There was a good show of players to this Sound of Music themed hat tournament, with quite a lot of experience turning up and eight teams in total.

After drawing our first game we cruised through the rest of the pool games, quarter and semi, only to meet our match in the final. We were down by about 6 poinst at the beginning, but brought it back to lose by 3.

The only major issue I had with the day was the damage I did to my knee. It was dodgy at the beginning and I shouldn't have been playing, but I played all games and could hardly walk by the end of the day. It took a couple of weeks to recover enough to walk OK, and a long while before I was back to 100%.

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