Frisbee Tournaments

47. Singapore Open

Date: 17/09/2005 - 18/09/2005
Location: Singapore, Singapore
Team name: Perth Sublime
Finishing postion: 5

This was one of my more flamboyent uses of Qantas Stafftravel, as I flew there just for the weekend. It was a big tournament, with a great atmosphere. There was also a lot of moisture in the atmosphere, and sweat was dripping heavily even after a little effort. JD's tournament report covers the games very well. It was a lot of close fought games and comebacks, and it was a great team to play with. Along with Dan Smith, Kwong and I, there were a couple of pickups from abroad.

All the exertion from the first day resulted in me getting minor dehydration / heat sickness that night. I managed to pull through to get to the party though, but I'm not sure it was worth it. There was a podium with one guy dancing to the loudest music I've ever heard, drink discounts which applied to spirits but not beer, and not much else going on.

The second day they had free beer happening from a keg after we'd finished play, and that definitely added to the enjoyment. Singapore airport doesn't let you go into the checkin area where there are showers until you get your boarding pass, so I didn't have time to have a shower before boarding. I also got a talking to at customs for bringing cleats in with Singapore mud all over them. It didn't matter though. It was a great weekend, mostly due to the on field effort of our team.

JDs tournament report

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