Frisbee Tournaments

48. Australian Mixed Ultimate Championships

Date: 21/10/2005 - 23/10/2005
Location: North Adelaide, Australia
Team name: Ultimate Lovers
Finishing postion: 7

One of the most enjoyable tournaments of the year. The team was a UQ team with a few of us pickups from elsewhere. We lacked girls and as a team where a lot of us hadn't played together I thought our 8th seeding was a bit high. The only person on the team I'd played with before was Dan, who had been on my winning Gladstone Crusade team. It was great to be able to play with the others I'd met but not played with previously - Brett, and particularly John, who I'd watched rip up the field as juniors captain at Worlds in Finland.

We had one day where we were happy with our play, one where we were unhappy, and one where we were very unhappy indeed. Although we didn't have much depth to our lineup, John and Brett were really able to carry the team, with Dan and Matt providing fantastic support. Our puppy and fence was very effective as well. By the end we were working very well as a team. On the last day in the rain and wind we played very well, only just losing our quarter and semi, then getting a very satisfying win against Anson's team Turd Ferguson. I had a lot of friends on the team, and they were seeded above us, so to beat them fairly convincingly was enjoyable.

We had accommodation just across from the fields, and both parties were within walking distance. The cheap Coopers was very enjoyable, and both parties were quite tops. In terms of both on and off field value, it was the most fun competitive team I've played with.

The final was a bit of a downer, with Vic winning easily against Owen's team, but the stadium seating at the venue was good, and the crowd found ways to entertain themselves.

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