Frisbee Tournaments

51. Paganello

Date: 14/04/2006 - 17/04/2006
Location: Rimini, Italy
Team name: Hook
Finishing postion: 32/48

Paganello lived up to all the hype 100%. It was a fantastic tournament. Millerine and I tried to make it as cheap as possible by taking our own beer and staying on the street in Milan on the way there. Rimini is a nice town, but very touristy and somewhat expensive on an Estonian wage.

Hook was supposed to be a San Francisco based team, but it was really a pickup team, with only Dirk and one other having played with the team before, and only as pickups. All of the players were capable, with a few very capable indeed. Seth, Jason, Dirk and Billy all put in stellar performances. We were competitive amongst the middle teams and generally very well spirited, as well as putting in a good team effort off field.

Another great thing about Paganello was meeting so many other Australians and people I knew from elsewhere.

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