Frisbee Tournaments

52. Pirita/Pärnu Hat

Date: 15/06/2006 - 16/06/2006
Location: Pirita first day, Pärnu the second, Estonia
Team name: N/A
Finishing postion: N/A

This was a very relaxed hat on a Thursday and Friday. A few Finns, Paul Ericsson and a German girl filled out the roster of Tallinn and Kivi-Vigala players. The first day we just had a very informal couple of games with quickly whipped together teams at Pirita. After this I jumped on a bus with Avo and went to Pärnu, where we got drunk cheering on Sweden in the World Cup with Paul Ericsson. Then we threw a few discs down at the beach. Pärnu is a lovely town and it was an OK night out. We stayed in the dodgiest hostel building I've seen - really seemed about to collapse.

The second day at Pärnu was only slightly more organised, but up until probably BUC my most fun day of playing with the Estonians. Afterwards all the others headed to Jurmala, but I missed out on this as I was going to Germany. Shame, as they won.

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