Frisbee Tournaments

54. Baltic Ultimate Championships

Date: 23/09/2006 - 24/09/2006
Location: Gargždai, Lithuania
Team name: Tallinn Frisbee Club
Finishing postion: 4/10 & Spirit of the Game

I put in quite a bit of effort preparing for this tournament fitness wise, and was pretty happy with my condition. It was still very hard work as we only had two subs for the two days. As always Kristjan was the mainstay of the team, and both he and I only took a couple of subs during the weekend. The whole team stepped up for it though, and we were a comparatively strong team both on offence and defence. Our game for third place was quite close, and it was generally a very enjoyable weekend on the field. I was particularly happy with my defence throughout the tournament.

Off the field it was a good time. A cool road trip there and back from Tallinn, with the whole team in a minivan. A somewhat happening Saturday party, with a quality mix of alcohol and strip card games.

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