Frisbee Tournaments

60. Terrigal Towel XII

Date: 17/03/2007 - 18/03/2007
Location: Terrigal, Australia
Team name: Fuck Me I'm Irish
Finishing postion: Wooden spoon

The party was fun and I enjoyed diving around in the sand after swill, but my team wasn't too crash hot. Most players were a bit too lazy to run. We had a couple of good girls and a couple of OK handlers, but that was it. The wooden spoon was no surprise.

The most memorable occurrence of the tournament Matt Swadling's fracas with the bouncers of a local pub.

Millerine and I took our bikes on the train to Gosford and rode to Terrigal. Although it's fairly hilly it's a nice reasonably short ride. We stayed in a house near the beach with the Manly guys. 'Twas a very enjoyable weekend, even though my team sucked.

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