Frisbee Tournaments

61. Australian Ultimate Championships

Date: 22/04/2007 - 25/04/2007
Location: La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia
Team name: Manly Ultimate
Finishing postion:

As Nationals was in Melbourne this year we spent the week leading up to it at the comedy festival. We saw about 6 or shows, some of which were very funny, some of which were fairly funny, and only one of which was absolute shit. It was worth the effort, anyway.

In terms of playing this Nationals was probably the least eventful. I still had a buggered knee that I'd done at Regionals. Although I tried to play numerous times, I was never in good enough condition to run properly. The team was stronger than at Regionals though and had some excellent games.

At the party we pulled out some stylish salmon shirts, and spent the evening slap pointing Manly style and spanking Borat. Plus a bit of not impressing girls with fake Irish accents. Good times.

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