Frisbee Tournaments

62. The Ultimate Stampede

Date: 12/05/2007 - 13/05/2007
Location: CSU Bathurst, Australia
Team name: Numchuckas
Finishing postion: middle of the field

There's something about regional tournaments. When they get a bit of promotion and a critical mass of attendants, they go off. For some reason Bathurst was the regional tournament that everyone wanted to go to, and it went off. The format was one day team tournament, one day hat tournament. For the first day I picked up with Numchuckas, an NSL league team. We did OK and were about in the middle, having a few wins and a few losses.

We had organised accomodation in a strange unsupervised bunch of hotel rooms, and it was perfect for a big night in drinking the night before play. The Saturday night party went off, as the party of the year prize suggests. It was B&S Ball themed - a perfect excuse to wear a dress - and it was a late night of jollities.

Party of the year

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