Frisbee Tournaments

66. Australian Mixed Ultimate Championships

Date: 05/10/2007 - 07/10/2007
Location: Macquarie University, Australia
Team name: woManly
Finishing postion: 23/24

It was a bit of a mixed up team for this time, with a lot of players missing a day or two. I myself missed out on the first day due to work. They lost the first three games on the first day, losing the last in a close game. This put us at the bottom of our initial pool. All the games on the second day were fairly close, with 2 wins. It seemed to me we were a much stronger team than I had expected, and the team was probably playing close to it's capacity. However on the last day we were very lacklustre. Quite a lot of silly mistakes were made, and it seemed that it was being treated as a social tournament rather than a competitive one. We were quite lucky to not get the spoon.

To be fair, I think we had quite an OK team, and the level of play amongst the bottom teams had risen substantially from previous years. All of the bottom five or six teams were closely matched.

The party went well. The theme was "go as your team name," so our planning was very simple - dresses for all. We were not the hottest team there though, with the seamen from Special Sauce looking fine indeed. Stephen Weller was the best dressed from Manly, managing a complete outfit from his girlfriends wardrobe, including frilly knickers. Wayne was kind enough to let Millerine and I stay at his place, so there was no monster commute. Although it was a fun and well fueled night it wasn't too late, so I was ready to play in the morning.

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