Frisbee Tournaments

67. Melbourne Hat XIX - The Top Hat

Date: 01/12/2007 - 02/12/2007
Location: Middle Park, Melbourne, Australia
Team name: Barney Featuring Timberland
Finishing postion: 16th?

This was another fantastic Melbourne Hat, although probably not as good as the previous year. Millerine and I went down a day early, so for the first time I managed to get to the disc golf. With the Manly lads we managed an OK round and finished fairly drunk. As per tradition we stayed at the Gunn Island, but this time there were about 20 frisbee players staying with us.

My team was nothing special in terms of skills, but we could hold our own most games. We had a good mix of wins and losses and ended up about 16th. Our top players were Seb and Jill, an absolute star from Prime in Vancouver. I felt a lot more fit than I have previous hats, and apart from some toe difficulties my injuries weren't noticeable. This helped my enjoyment on the field, but the frequency of my throwing errors did not. My first point playing axis against a zone indicated a fantastic tournament to come, but I made a lot of mistakes following that.

The party at the Elephant and Wheelbarrow in St Kilda was memorable. The theme of "Moulin Rouge" resulted in a plethora of rather sexy girls. We didn't go out after the party closed, but finished off night with some Glenn Molnar style hedge jumping and a nap in a hedge on the way home.

The final was the best since my first hat. Gack's team took the lead, then dropped ten points in a row, then brought it back. They finally lost 15-13.

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