Frisbee Tournaments

69. Diskapital X

Date: 05/01/2008 - 06/01/2008
Location: Southwell Park, Lyneham, Canberra, Australia
Team name: The Rough end of the Pineapple
Finishing postion: 3-4/7 & Spirit of the Game

This was a great hat team. We had no super strong players, but no weak players. I was also playing a solid game with few turnovers, so it was a very enjoyable time on the field. We gelled quickly and well, which was evident in our spirit win.

We won 3 of our 6 pool games, then lost our semifinal by two points to Ant Dowle's team. We put up a bit of a fight though. There was a mess up with the draw and we only knew we had made the semis a couple of minutes before game time. Except for the first pool game where we went down by four, all of our games were won or lost by one or two ponts.

Steve Gangemi drove us up and back. Summernats was on again, so we camped at the field on Friday as we had the year before, then billeted Saturday night with a nice Canadian guy called Ryan.

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