Frisbee Tournaments

70. Share the Love

Date: 17/02/2008
Location: Timbrell Park, Five Dock, Sydney, Australia
Team name: Umlaut
Finishing postion: 7/10

This tournament was appropriately named for my 69th. It was also Umlaut's first outing. Umlaut were always going to be further down the ladder on this one, and probably performed a little better than I expected. We lost to I-Beam (Newcastle) by 4, Hills by 4, and got flogged by Barefoot about 13-1. After lunch we defeated Bozza's team by a big margin. Something like 12-3. Gong were undermanned so we lent them some players and played them in a short 6 on 6 game to 7 points.

Barefoot were a very good defensive team, but we were also tired by that stage and making throwing errors and bad decisions. We had trouble playing against the Hills very loose zone, not adapting to it at all. Our lack of depth was definitely showing in this game, as it was difficult to find two good poppers once we put three experienced players in handling. This was also a big problem against Barefoot. Our best game was probably the first against I-Beam. We were never really a chance to win it, but we were getting good cuts happening with our man offence and they had to work to score.

Because of the strange draw where the winner of 9/10 (us) automatically qualified for the 7/8 game, we never got a chance to play Fakulti, which I was hoping to do.

Anyway, with 10 not-so-fit players we finished quite buggered, and the 10km ride home was hard work.

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