Frisbee Tournaments

74. Pärnu Beach Hat

Date: 13/06/2008
Location: Pärnu, Estonia
Team name: Mirage
Finishing postion:

A repeat of the Pirita and Pärnu hat of 2006, but without the Pirita bit. It's basically a very informal hat on Friday as a leadup to Jürmalas Bite. Millerine and I arrived by bus on Thursday night and checked in to the dodgy Hostel Staadion then bought some beer and played stubby guts until the others arrived. By that time we were already a little drunk. We had a few drinks at the hostel then went to Mirage nightclub for continuing fun times. As usual with the Estonians it was a good bit of party action. Millerine shouted everyone tequilas which resulted in a little bit of illness for herself.

The day of play was fairly relaxed. Three teams were chosen the traditional way with names out of a hat. We played a round robin, decided the winner, then chose new teams to do it again. Afterwards we all jumped into cars and went to Riga for the weekend tournament....

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