Frisbee Tournaments

75. Jürmalas Bite

Date: 14/06/2008 - 15/06/2008
Location: Jürmala beach, Latvia
Team name: FreezeB (?)
Finishing postion: 3/? & Spirit of the Game

I had missed this tournament in 2006 when the boys had won it, so was glad to get an opportunity to go. It was also a chance to play with the Kivi-Vigala lads who were now much more experienced. We arrived in Riga on Friday night and all camped on Kristjan's floor.

We were seeded third in our pool and had to come second to make it to the semis. Our first game was against Taskas who were the top seed. First game fitness blues seemed to effect everyone, but we put good pressure on defence and won by a point. They weren't able to break our backhand force. We used a backhand force for most of the rest of the tournament, with mixed results. The weather was a little on the wet and cold side, but it only rained during one of our games. We had another close game the first day, but won them all.

We lost our first game of the second day to the other higher ranked team in our pool but still made the semi finals. Our semi started off looking bleak, and we were down 9-5 when we changed our force. The first day our backhand force had been effective, but the second we were constantly getting broken by high backhands. Our defence picked up enourmously and we brought it back to 9s at full time with a game to 10. A small defensive mistake and we lost it, but a pretty gutsy game. The playoff for third was another game down to the wire against the team we had lost to first game of the day. This time everyone was putting in 100%, our defence (forehand force) was more solid, and we won by a point.

The girls won their division, and we took out spirit of the game for open. It was the most fun I'd had at a tournament for a long time. The young guys played very solidly and (most importantly) with a lot of intensity. Then the second day we picked up Sanka, Martin and Tõnu (who had all been at Sanka's wedding) when we really needed the legs. Every team we played against was very well spirited, playing hard and fair and with a positive attitude. There weren't very many disagreements and they were all sorted out easily. This is one tournament that I really hope to play again sometime.

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