Frisbee Tournaments

81. Summer Fling

Date: 07/12/2008
Location: Nolan Reserve, Manly Vale, Australia
Team name: Venturing North
Finishing postion: 6/8

We were seeded second coming into the tournament, but I think the seedings were fairly arbitrary except for the first ranked team which seemed rather stacked. They were pools of four, with us seeded first in ours. The wind was a big factor throughout the day and we seemed unable to handle most zones thrown at us. We came third in our pool, and then lost to Henry's supposedly stacked team in the 5/6 playoff.

Although I was more fit than I had been the games were very tiring. This may have had something to do with the sunny weather and I also ended up very sunburnt, but it was a fun day overall. Bel was very relaxed with her captaincy and got everyone was calling lines during the day. The team was very relaxed and nobody seemed unhappy with our underperformance. We had a few beers and a couple of icecreams watching the final, which was a big win to Hills.

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