Frisbee Tournaments

83. DisKapital XI - The Bay of Pigs

Date: 10/01/2009 - 11/01/2009
Location: Giralang Fields, Canberra, Australia
Team name:
Finishing postion: 4/12

For the first time in three years of attendance Millerine and I didn't set up the tent at the fields, but slept in our van. Camping at Canberra fields had become somewhat of a tradition, but staying in the van is much more comfortable and just as cheap.

It was a good fun tournament. I can't remember much of the games, other than it was a pretty good level of play and I think we were knocked out by James Ley's team in the semis by a point.

We went back to Gerry's place for a shower before the party. He's a crazy man with seven kids. We started getting our drink on at the Bar Kremlin, then finished off with bombs and a good bit of fun at ICBMs.

Pottsy joined us for the trip home and did all the driving, which was very welcome.

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