Frisbee Tournaments

85. Terrigal Towel

Date: 07/03/2009 - 08/03/2009
Location: Wamberal Beach, Australia
Team name: Whale Burger
Finishing postion: 4/12

Probably my favourite Terrigal Towel so far on the field, and a good time off it. We went up Friday night and camped in the van near the beach. I visited a house Josh had rented with Molnar and heap of others Friday night and had a few too many, which was fun.

We lost our first game but dominated the rest through to the semi, which we lost by a point. I was left with the disc with one throw after the whistle and couldn't get a huck off.

The Saturday night party was at the Terrigal Bowlo and went well. Simon Farrow had his head shaved at the party for charity.

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