Frisbee Tournaments

86. Eastern Regionals

Date: 14/03/2009 - 15/03/2009
Location: Upper Reserve, Wallsend (Newcastle), Australia
Team name: Umlaut
Finishing postion: 6/9

Regionals this year was organised by Fakulti but played in Newcastle. Umlaut had lost a few experienced players from the previous year but gained a few very handy and probably underrated youngsters. Most of those coming back had probably improved quite a bit during the year, as we seemed a little more focused than before.

We had a pretty tough draw the first day. We started off feeling pretty good against one of the Fakulti teams. The final score of 15-3 was really just an indication of how many drops we had in the endzone. We were regularly getting turns and were able to move the disc fairly comfortably. Fyshwick United was a much tougher game which we lost 15-2. However again I was cheered by the fact we able to get turns from them and nearly always had options with the disc, even against their zone. Manly was a more fun and less disciplined team but still had a few stars and no chumps. We were able to match them until half time when they pulled away to win 15-9.

Although we had lost all three games, I could see we were playing better than I had expected and was feeling quite positive. We had an esky of my homebrew at the fields and were able to relax while watching Hills girls vs Southside twister. It was a good bit of hands on entertainment.

The party went down fairly well. Sylvain's drinking game Caps at the motel followed by a good bit of food, pool, and tea pots of cheap cocktails.

The second day was much easier, playing off for the bottom four places against Hills, Westies and a Newcastle Uni based pickup team. The first game was against Hills who were seeded above us and we were expecting a close tough game, but it wasn't so. We came out hard against them and didn't let up, and won it 15-3. We were making offensive mistakes, but we were always able to get the disc back. It was a similar score in our last two games.

As a captain I feel I did a much better job than I ever had previously. Part of that may be because I'm getting better at it, but it was also because we seemed to have a fairly balanced team with a fair bit of depth (at least at the level we were aiming for). Whenever there was a role to fill it always seemed there was a good player for the job.

Individually Dan was a standout player, but everyone contributed and although he made our job much easier, I don't think our final standing would have changed had he not been there.

Umlaut's second year at Regionals was a better campaign than the previous. East had five spots at Nationals and only five teams including Umlaut wanted to take them, so qualifying wasn't an issue. However beating our seeding to come an easy 6th and being somewhat competitive against a very strong Manly team made it feel like we had earned the spot.

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