Frisbee Tournaments

88. 2009 Australian Ultimate Championship

Date: 23/04/2009 - 26/04/2009
Location: UWA Sports Park, Perth, Australia
Team name: Umlaut
Finishing postion: 14/14

Not such a success. We had quite a few pickups for this tournament and the team just didn't gel as well as we had at Regionals. All of our games against the other bottom teams were close (within a point or two), but we were at the losing end of all of them. We pulled out one of our best games against Chilly B to go down by just a point or two.

Felix Kennedy from Tasmania had picked up with the bottom WA team and was the probably the main reason they beat us, other than that we sucked.

There seemed to be more complaints about this tournament than most. The fields were superb, but they seemed to under cater just slightly each night. The party in Freo gaol was cool, but it was cut short a little early because Tim Booth was climbing around the rafters and so all were kicked out.

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