Frisbee Tournaments

91. World Games

Date: 19/07/2009 - 21/07/2009
Location: Main Stadium, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Team name: N/A
Finishing postion:

This time for the World Games I was involved as a kind of IT officer. My role was to get the website wg09.net up and running with live scoring and content updates, and to do the scoring for it. Although I spent a bit of time before the tournament getting the live scoring done, most of the content was done on the fly as the tournament was underway. It was very busy, but I found it much better to be involved in the whole affair rather than just be a spectator.

Most of my time was spent sitting in the control room scoring games, updating the website, and fixing bugs, but I did get to sit in the stands for a couple of games where the atmosphere was amazing. It was a brand new 40,000 person stadium, which at times had about 5000 - 10,000 people watching frisbee.

Australia ended up coming in third, but they missed out on the final by being at the bad end of a three way tie. There were a lot of amazing players at the tournament and this led to a lot of amazing games. The best were probably the pool game between Japan and US, where Japan won by a point, and Australia's very tightly contested win over Japan.

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