Frisbee Tournaments

93. NSW Mixed Ultimate Championships

Date: 29/08/2009 - 30/08/2009
Location: Wollongong, Australia
Team name: sCAPEgoats
Finishing postion: 9/11

This was a ridiculously windy tournament. I personally had a hard time throwing up wind, but in general our team was not so bad at moving the disc. We lost a game to Cannon Fodder because Glenn Hodges was the only person in that game who could huck up wind. Although we beat Cannon Fodder later in the placing game, we lost our chance to play Wollongong, who I think we had a good chance of beating.

Our most exciting game was probably against Special Sauce. They won the toss so started with an advantage in a game where the wind was straight up and down the field. We were obviously the stronger team but couldn't quite get the upwind point we needed to win until the first point after full time (with the +2 rule). We held serve and won the game.

The party at the North Wollongong Hotel was lightly loose, aided in part by free drinks for most of the night. However it finished quite early and didn't reach it's potential.

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