Frisbee Tournaments

102. Australian Ultimate Championships

Date: 24/04/2010 - 27/04/2010
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Team name: Umlaut
Finishing postion: 14/16

This Umlaut team was considerably stronger than the Regionals team, and much stronger than the team we had taken to Perth, but the level of ultimate was also quite a bit higher.Mike Connolly was a strong addition, and he probably helped us out of a few tight spots. We beat Bad Apples (Tassie) twice, but things might have been different had Mike Baker not dislocated his shoulder before they played us. We also beat the Juniors the first time as they weren't so crash hot against our zone, but they were a much better team when we played them in the 13/14 playoff. They got up early, and although we had a decent comeback we weren't able to catch them.

I had expected we'd have a couple more easy games and maybe get to 12, but we were clearly outclassed by Ultimate Evolution. Even Fakulti, significantly weakened by the existence of Colony, only came two places above us.

Our Jap was quite successful at times - in some cases it was the only way we were getting turns. In general I was very happy with the way the team performed, although it was obvious that our lack of handling experience made a difference.

I stayed with Millerine and some Southside girls in a house a few km from the fields, and walking distance to the party. The party itself was OK, but when it shut down we didn't find anywhere to drink so it was a relatively early night. We didn't have a game on the last day, so instead of watching the finals we went to Hahndorf for the winery and a pub lunch with Jamie and Brocky.

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