Frisbee Tournaments

104. Windmill Windup

Date: 11/06/2010 - 13/06/2010
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Team name: Tallinn Frisbee Club
Finishing postion: 9/25

This was a tournament I had been hoping to play for a long time, so I had high expectations. The team was originally entered in the competition by the Tallinn Frisbee Club, but most of them pulled out. I put the word out and got together a bunch of my friends a couple of others. We were reasonably solid on the field and made a good showing off it.

It was one of those tournaments where everything is at the one place - bar, food, camping and fields. The beer was cheap and good, and it's a popular enough tournament that I met quite a few old friends there.

The draw was the unusual "Swiss" format. A few people weren't fans but I think it's definitely got potential for bigger numbers of teams. We were pretty strong throughout the preliminary rounds, losing only two games. The most problematic of these was when we were 6th seed and were up against the 2nd seed (contrary to our understanding of the draw), and they destroyed us. This was enough to put us out of the top eight for the quarters. We won our next three games to take 9th, but we felt we could have ended up a couple of places higher. Anyway a very good result for basically a pickup team. The highlight was probably beating the Columbian team 2600. Twice.

Otherwise the parties were great and there wasn't much slowing down. Glenn and Jeff made a troublesome pair, I got dunked in some water (as a 100th tournament celebration), and we drank quite a few wheels of beer.

After the tournament Millerine and I travelled to Bruges, Brussels and Luxembourg before heading back to Estonia.

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