Frisbee Tournaments

117. New Zealand Nationals

Date: 09/04/2011 - 10/04/2011
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
Team name: Umlaut
Finishing postion: 7/9

Definitely the best on-field performance for Umlaut, and some of the most fun competitive games I've ever played. Of our six games three were very tight. Coming back from 10-14 down to win 16-15, coming back from 1-9 down to 14 all then to lose it 16-14 in a 135 minute game, and another win by one point. We won half of our games, so the final result doesn't reflect how good we felt our performance was.

In terms of attending New Zealand Nats vs attending Aussie Nats, I'm glad we ended missing out on Aus Nats. We had a great time and the competition was different and more around our level than Australian Nats. It wasn't all that inconvenient either, being a little cheaper overall than Australia and the same amount of leave.

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