Frisbee Tournaments

120. World Championships of Beach Ultimate

Date: 21/08/2011 - 28/08/2011
Location: Ge-tur Sports Village, Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy
Team name: Australian Open Team
Finishing postion: 14/18

It was a fantastic tournament off-field, but not so much on-field. It was ridiculously hot - up to 36 C. The sand was too hot to touch without sand cleats between about 11:00 and 16:00. There was no breeze and no clouds, and it was tough during the middle of the day.

We were completely outclassed by the top 12 teams, and we were well ahead of the teams below us. We were pretty much on par with France and Currier Islands, but picked those games to not play our best. I would have been happy with 12th, but 14th felt a bit sucky. Basically our throws were just not up to the standard of the other teams. We could match or better most teams for speed and fitness. For myself the six months of prep felt worthwhile. I was fit enough that fitness was never an issue (except for once when the heat got to me). Every night was a nice night out, but the last two nights were solid parties. Ninja on the beach at sunrise was great.

The tournament was quite well organised. Certainly better than Prague. The food was exactly what was needed, and the fields were next to the accommodation. The official parties were not always great, but that did no stop awesome parties from happening. The main complaint was that it was very hot at night and there was no air conditioning or even fans. Quite a lot of people were sleeping on their balconies.

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