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134. Australian Beach National Championships

Date: 19/05/2012 - 20/05/2012
Location: Coolangatta Beach, Australia
Team name: Stoned Fish
Finishing postion: 3/6

It was great to get this crowd together. We weren't sure how strong we'd be, but it was evident after the first few games that we were one of the stronger teams and were a chance to win it. We made the semi, but missed out on the final. There were some great games throughout, and our semi loss was a one pointer.

As usual with Gold Coast beach tournaments, they put on an excellent show. We flew in Saturday morning, then stayed in our normal place near the beach - Bombora Resort. Dusty's team rented out rooms in a hotel on the beach, including the penthouse suite with sauna and spa. They hosted an after party, and we relaxed there after play on Sunday with beers. There's pretty much nothing better.

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