Frisbee Tournaments

135. Sydney Mini Mini Ultimate Tournament

Date: 14/07/2012
Location: Moore Park, Sydney, Australia
Team name: Dirty Three
Finishing postion:

This was the first tournament I ever ran. The idea was to run a full mini ultimate tournament over two hours, and be finished in time for lunch at the pub. I ran the draw as a form of Swiss draw. I don't know of anything like this ever being done before, so it was a bit of an experiment. We modified the format a bit as we progressed and could see what was and wasn't working.

Although it was a struggle to keep up with events with the format I'd selected, especially as I was playing as well, there was some very positive feedback.

After the tournament we went for lunch at the pub, then went back to Joel and Jenny's place to watch the Barramundi's WUGC final on NGN. A good day.

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