Frisbee Tournaments

139. The Longest Day

Date: 23/12/2012
Location: North Narrabeen Beach, Australia
Team name: Busted Starfish
Finishing postion: 4/16

Joel started us off with cider during the morning games and through lunch, then Richard brought a carton of beer to the party. We didn't get ridiculously drunk, but we still performed very well considering we'd been drinking a bit. Richard and Sarah also brought us some socks from K-Mart, as the sand was too hot and we ended up with burnt feet after the morning games.

We were playing well and came second in our pool by beating Wollongong, which put us in the quarters. The crunch was then beating the team of Germans (and Bavarians and others) led by Jens and Ru. We started down about 0-4 and then came back to win 5-4. I felt a bit sorry for them because the first point we won was when they put on someone's young son (I think Stefan and Ingrid's) because he'd been pestering them to play. It was his first ever point and their zone was left with a lot of holes, so we scored easily. That started us on our winning roll. Even so, we performed reasonably well. We lost our semi, but everyone on the team was very happy with the result, and the day in general.

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