Frisbee Tournaments

144. Australian Ultimate Championships 2013

Date: 25/04/2013 - 28/04/2013
Location: Epsom Huntly Recreation Reserve, Bendigo, Australia
Team name: Magnum
Finishing postion: 10/16

I felt that Magnum's preparation might not have been up to the standards required to come 11th at Nats. The first day was a little disappointing, but we really came together on the second day after some changes to how our O line was called.

The highlight was probably beating Slamtown in universe point in the 9-12 semis, after they had beaten us 16-6 on the first day. The win before that against Karma was a good one and gave us confidence we could come back against Slamtown. It was a very strong wind end zone to end zone. We started scoring the point with the wind and had an upwind break early. It was point for point until they got an upwind break towards the end of the game, but we held out (just) to win it. They had some great upwind bucks and were very close to the upwind end zone a couple of times during the game, but we also had missed chances, including an excellent Alex Shepherd layout which all spectators with best perspective called in but Dan Rule sent back.

We implemented a punishment system for mistakes. $2 per throw away or drop to go to the beer kitty. That combined with $10 for every hacky sack landing in the disc meant we had enough for beers at the fields at the end of each day. It was a good idea. We had fun each night, but usually starting early and not ending too late. Even at the party a lot of people got pretty slaughtered but were home in bed before 2.

Did a road trip to Bendigo and back with Ian, Gaby and Alex Shepherd. It was a long drive but a nice trip. I'm a big fan of road trips so it was great to be on a proper frisbee road trip again.

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